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World Countries Information Guide

World Countries Profiles: Maps, Facts, News, Weather, and Video

World Countries - Globe

Wherever you live, thank you for visiting, and welcome! We value each visitor greatly and do our utmost to make it easy to find the information you need about world countries. We know our visitors are people who want to be well informed about the world, to work with accurate facts when planning travel, looking for interesting destinations, or deepening their understanding of world trends and events. We have tried to create an accurate world countries research tool that you will enjoy using.

We hope you will bookmark us and come back often.

How to Get Around the Site

world countries navagation buttonUse the traditional menus or even better use our Select a Country Button to go to any world countries information page in seconds. The 3-click Menu will instantly transport you to not just to the selected world country but to the selected type of information page as well. Give it a try and see if you don't agree that it makes navigating from country to country a pleasure instead of a chore.

What You Will Find

  • 260 world countries and other interesting locations around the globe
  • Satellite maps, accurate facts, news, weather, and video for each location
  • A wealth of public domain information at your fingertips

World Countries Facts and Figures

We are pleased to offer you the following informational categories for 260 world countries and locations:

  • Communications
  • Economy
  • National Flag
  • Geography
  • Government
  • People
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Transitional Issues

World Countries Google Maps

Map ThumbnailExplore the world's countries with Google Maps for all 260 locations. These are interesting interactive maps, and it's convenient to have them pre-set so you can flip from one country or location to another with just a few clicks. Desktop visitors can view the map in Normal or Wide Screen mode.

If maps are your primary interest, check out the new Google Maps for All Countries page and get all world countries Google Maps on one screen!

Sample Google Map Page

Google Earth Maps

Map ThumbnailGoogle Earth Maps offer you a way to examine the geography of world countries with greater emphasis on the 3D aspects of the terrain.

The Google Earth maps require a plug-in, but it's quick and easy to install. If you do not have the plug-in, the map will prompt you to download the plug-in. You will not even have to reboot your computer.

Sample Google Earth Page


When researching a specific world country, a quick scan of relevant headlines in RSS news feeds can be timely, informative, and turn up some interesting paths for your research to take.

Sample News Page


We use weather widgets to give you a quick look at the weather at all locations where available. Many world countries have weather for all major cities. Locate your city, bookmark the page, and you are always just 2 clicks away from's 10 day forecast.

Sample Weather Page


View query selected YouTube videos for the world country that interests you. Warning: it can be addictive to move from one country to another and watching these videos in full screen mode.

Sample Country Videos

World Countries Tourism

The tourism departments of several major world countries have contributed high quality travel articles to WCI, and many private websites promoting tourism have contributed as well. High quality photography and good writers can present the reader with a warmer, more human picture of a country than only facts and maps can provide. We are always looking for more high quality content about the unique features of individual world countries. Contact us if you have any suggestions..

Sample Feature Article

We also value your feedback. Do not hesitate to use the Contact Us form to share your ideas and suggestions. We welcome them.

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