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Africa: List of Countries and Locations

A good place to begin is with a Google Map of the world country or location of interest to you. From there you can find interesting facts and figures, a Google Earth map, latest news, weather in most cases, and videos about the selected location. Click on any location in Africa to get started!

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Quick Facts
  • Size: 30.2 million sq km (11.7 sq mi); 2nd largest continent, after Asia
  • How many people? Approx. 1 billion (2009)
  • Languages: Over 1,000 languages of African orgin are spoken. However, English, Spanish, and French are often used in government, diplomacy, education, and the media.
  • Unique Natural Features: Africa has the world's tallest mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro), largest lake (Lake Victoria), biggest desert (the Sahara), and longest river (the Nile).
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