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Taiwan Tourism: Your Perfect Getaway Destination


Your Perfect Getaway Destination

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Taiwan - Folk Art and Festivals

Lantern Festival - Taiwan
Taipei Lantern Festival

Some of Taiwan's most important annual holidays and festivals include the Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Lovers' Day, and the Hungry Ghosts Festival. But local Taiwanese folk events, such as the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage, the Goddess Mazu Making Rounds of Inspection in Beigang, the City God Welcoming in Taipei, the Burning of the Plague God Boat in Donggang, and aboriginal rituals, are also regarded as important celebrations. Next to keeping traditional Chinese opera alive, Taiwan has also developed its own Taiwanese opera and the famous glove puppet theater. Taiwanese opera combines local opera and music into one performing art, while the puppet theater has undergone great modernization in recent years and many special effects are added to performances today, making it extremely popular among Taiwan's younger generation. Taiwan's movies and performing groups are also gradually gaining ground on the international stage, once again demonstrating the traditional and creative value of Chinese and Taiwanese culture.

Festivals and Events
January / February Chinese Lunar New Year
February March Lantern Festival
April May Tomb Sweeping Day/Birthday of Matsu
May / June Dragon Boat Festival
June / July Birthday of Chenghuang
July / August Chinese Valentine's Day
August / September Ghost Month /Birthday of Confucius
September / October Mid-Autumn Festival
October / November Double Tenth National Day - Taiwan Restoration Day
November Birthday of Dr Sun Yat-sen
Location: Taiwan
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